I'm Back! :)

Hey everyone! I am so sorry that this livejournal community hasn't been updated in a while! I am hoping to change that. :) I have still been updating my TVPix tumblr, but I would really like to update this community as well! As I'm sure you all know, Fall TV season has started again, so that means plenty of new screencaps are coming! :D 

These are the shows that I plan on capping this season:

Parks and Recreation 
The Office
Up All Night
Modern Family (hopefully!)

Note: I am no longer doing Glee. I have lost interest in the show, unfortunately. :/ I hope everyone is enjoying the TV season so far though and is doing well! :)

- Katie 

Parks and Recreation 4x01 "I'm Leslie Knope" HD Logoless Screencaps

Parks and Recreation 4x01 "I'm Leslie Knope"
Screencaps: 1,145
Resolution: 1280x720
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720p No logo.

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